RAW Recap/Analysis – October 26, 2015

Who will get the next shot at Seth’s title? In a shockingly astute choice, WWE decided to have a tournament of sorts to determine who would next challenge WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for his belt, resulting in a BLAH RAW.

Bow Down

The Authority opened up the show, bestowing their praises on a giddy Seth Rollins before announcing there would be a tournament to determine Seth’s next opponent.The promo was, much to my surprise, short, sweet, and to the point.

Roman Reigns interrupted, said some stuff about taking the championship and believing that, and after a tense staredown between the former Shield brothers, The Authority retreated.

Kofi Kingston vs. Roman Reigns

The New Day are as entertaining as ever, throwing around hilarious insults and Harry Potter references as Kofi Kingston entered to face Reigns.

Kofi’s athleticism was on display in spades tonight as he put on an impressive show with Reigns, even taking full control of the match for a while. Reigns, in true Roman Reigns fashion, powered back with clotheslines, punches, and a really cool looking powerbomb. Kofi fought back, but Reigns took the pinfall after landing a spear.

The San Diego crowd loved Reigns. He is definitely more over now than he was last year. Time certainly heals all wounds.

No complaints about this match. Kofi and Roman put on a fun match that showcased both of their strengths.

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens

“Am I dreaming?” I thought when I saw two of the most entertaining guys in the WWE in the ring together.

They didn’t disappoint. Cesaro took early control, lifting Owens in the air in an awesome show of strength. The “upper-cut express” was definitely a sight to see.

Upon being thrown out of the ring, Owens said, “Screw this!” and appeared to be running away, but Cesaro attacked him WITH A CESARO SECTION SIGN IN ONE HAND. It was beautiful.

Cesaro maintained his lead, but Owens made a fierce comeback, looking to execute the Popup Powerbomb, but Cesaro’s uppercut put that to rest. Owens powered back in true heel fashion, hiding behind the ropes before surprising Cesaro with his finisher for the pinfall.

Am I pissed Cesaro isn’t in the running for the title? DUH. But am I fine with Owens having a shot? Indeed I am.


Team PCB vs. Team Bella


Wow. WOW. I am without words with my annoyance with Creative right now. But more of that later. About the match:

Paige played nice in a brief backstage segment before the match, so she went out with Lynch and Charlotte to the ring, Paige squared off against Nikki to open the match before tagging Charlotte in. Charlotte both gave and received a beating to and from Brie before Lynch came in on a hot tag after the crowd started chanting for her. Nikki hit Becky with the Rack Attack for the win.

Paige then attacked Charlotte and Lynch, locking in the PTO on Charlotte and cementing her heel turn. Hopefully.

The Bellas keep winning. This is ridiculous.

They are old news. They are not nearly on the level of the Horsewomen or Paige. Trying to put them over the wrestlers actually driving the “Divas Revolution” is offensive to the hard work they have put in. They had their run. We’re ready to move on. Also, I’m fine with Paige getting a title shot against Charlotte, but if it means Sasha doesn’t get one of her own, I’m out.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Neville

What the f@$* is a MexAmerica? Seriously, WWE? Whatever, awkwardness of that segment aside, the match itself was good.

Del Rio took early control with some fierce hits to Neville, but the high flyer fought back in his usual exciting fashion. Del Rio retreated out of the ring, stumbling over to Zeb.

Guess wanting Mexico and America to get along makes you a heel? Okay, WWE, okay.

Del Rio returned in full force, taking control once again with the Backstabber.Neville fought back, and Del Rio once again retreated, only for Neville to flip over the top rope onto him. It was awesome. The advantage went back and forth a few more times, with Neville almost stealing the pinfall, but Del Rio took the win.

I won’t even get into how problematic this whole take on “MexAmerica” is, but seriously? The WWE has so much young talent in their roster but keep bringing in old names and giving them the pushes that should go to the Superstars they have now!

Honestly, it’s a vicious cycle.

Del Rio is good. But Neville should have gotten the win.

Ryback and the Dudley Boyz vs. The European Union (Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett)

I’m going to call them the European Union because I find it funny.

We all know how this goes. Babyfaces stand strong, Barrett gets pinned.


This match meant nothing, so I don’t have much to say about it. Sure seemed to be fun for the crowd to watch.

Bray Wyatt

Bray cut a masterfully sinister promo on the Undertaker. Wonder if he’s going to come out on top this time.

Demon Kane interrupted Wyatt, but was surrounded by the rest of the Wyatts. Kane fought off all of the Wyatts as Bray watched from his rocking chair, but the numbers game proved too much. They beat down Kane and carried him off.

This is definitely setting up a battle for Survivor Series. Looking forward to it. I would be in heaven (or hell, if we’re getting technical) if they took this opportunity to call up the Demon Finn Balor. Just imagine the perfection…

Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler

Remember when Big E and Ziggler were AJ Lee’s henchmen? Neither do the commentators.


Tyler entered in true Tyler fashion as soon as the two competitors were set to begin into a  nicely set up area to watch the match.

Big E beat on Ziggler for a while, drumming his chant onto the show off, who responded with a dropkick. The two left the ring for a short moment, and Kingston tried interfering as Ziggler rolled them back in.

Side note: I am digging those papasan chairs Breeze and Summer are sitting in. I want one.

Big E took control, but Dolph responded with the Sleeper until Big E shook him off. Meanwhile, Tyler ate grapes at ringside. GRAPES. God bless America. Ziggler almost fell to a powerbomb by Big E after a failed Famouser.Big E, continuing to target Ziggler’s abdomen, locked him down, but Ziggler fought out with a dropkick. Big E came back, throwing Ziggler into the ringpost and out of the ring before taking a sip of Summer’s drink, but was hit by the Famouser upon returning to the ring. Unfortunately for Ziggler, it wasn’t enough. Big E splashed Ziggler, who kicked out. Ziggler hit Big E with the Zig Zag for the pinfall.

These guys can deliver, and this match proved it. Tyler and Summer on the side was just an added bonus.

Stone Cold

This was a totally useless advertisement, but Stone Cold scaring the crap out of The Miz was just great to see. Hehehe.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kevin Owens VS. Dolph Ziggler

So much was going on, as is the way of Fatal Four-Ways, that it would have been impossible to keep track of everything, but I tried.

After a pep talk from Dean Ambrose that got me wondering if we were going to see a heel turn, Roman Reigns entered what looked to be a crazy battle. Seth Rollins joined the commentary team at ringside.

Del Rio and Reigns faced off early on as Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler went at it. Soon enough, Owens came for Reigns as well. Del Rio and Reigns continued brawling before Owens and Reigns began to fight in the ring. Reigns powered through all three guys at once before Del Rio made a comeback, only to be tossed out by Reigns, who proceeded to kick Owens in the face before slamming Del Rio onto the announce table, only to be kicked by a recovered Ziggler.

While Reigns rolled around in misery outside the ring, Owens and Del Rio teamed up on Ziggler, inflicting all sorts of punishment on him before turning back to Reigns. Their alliance didn’t last for long, much to the crowd’s delight, and the two heels brawled, allowing Reigns to surprise Del Rio, who had just taken out Owens. Reigns was back in full force, punching Del Rio like a doll. Ziggler tried sneak attacking Roman, and after a brief staredown, the two babyfaces fought. Reigns almost won with a powerbomb, but Ziggler kicked out.

Reigns hit Ziggler with the Superman punch, but Del Rio nearly stole the pinfall.

The four men proceeded to exchange finishers and near-pinfalls for a few thrilling minutes, and it came down to Owens and Reigns, who hit Owens with the Superman punch and spear for the victory.

The two former brothers stared each other down, radiating animosity, to end the night.


So, Roman and Seth fighting for the title? I definitely can dig it. Reigns has performed like a true star in his feud with Wyatt, and has won over the WWE Universe. My only beef? That Ambrose isn’t in the running. But who knows, there’s still time to fix that.

WWE is desperate for ratings. A Shield Triple Threat is exactly what they need, and it doesn’t require bringing anyone out of retirement.

Make it happen, Creative. Make it happen.

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