What’s next for Dean Ambrose?

When a shoulder injury left Randy Orton unable to compete in Hell in a Cell, Dean Ambrose was taken out of action as well, in a since. He was also fairly insignificant at Monday’s episode of RAW, where he didn’t even wrestle; he just gave Roman Reigns a motivational talk before the main event of the night: a Fatal Four-Way for the number one contendership for Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Dean Ambrose has been notoriously underutilized by Creative ever since the split of the Shield, save his insanely exciting feuds with Seth Rollins, the most recent one being for the very Title Reigns is going after. So with this most recent development, and an apparent lack of obvious direction for Ambrose, what’s next for our favorite Lunatic Fringe?

I’ll go ahead and say this: Dean Ambrose will never be a heel in the way Seth Rollins or hell, Sheamus is. He is too over with the crowd. They will love him no matter what he does. He’s like Paige; his attitude, not his alignment, dictates how he’s perceived by the WWE Universe.

For a while, I was convinced Roman Reigns would be the one turning heel. In ways, it makes more sense storyline-wise. Roman has a lot of reasons to be angry beyond understanding: it was his title shot Seth Rollins stole at Wrestlemania, it was him who was left in the dust while Dean Ambrose went on to almost claim the belt he so desperately wanted, it was him who was booed at the Royal Rumble by the people he wanted to please.

But at the same time, I’m not sure Reigns is ready to be a heel. His babyface tendencies are what gets him to be cheered for. His momentum might be brought to a halt by a heel turn.

Dean, on the other hand, can maintain momentum whether he’s Roman’s shadow or going for a title himself.

The WWE, I believe, is building towards a Shield Triple Threat. Until last week, I’ve been convinced it will be at Wrestlemania, but with the recent ratings tumble, I’m thinking WWE has changed its plans and moved it up to Survivor Series. Moving up this match opens up a lot of options story-wise, especially for Ambrose.

So how can Dean get himself into the mix? I see two options.

Option one: Dean turns on Roman immediately, faces him and Seth at Survivor Series. This option makes the most sense, as all of the implications of a Shield conflict playing out on RAW and SmackDown would gain a lot of attention leading up to the inevitable match in November.

Option two: Dean feuds with Alberto Del Rio for the US Title and then turns on  Roman at Survivor Series, costing him his title shot. A viable option in itself that still makes storyline sense. It makes sense for Dean to want this title back after John Cena dropped it, he was the first to answer the Open Challenge after all. This option also gives Roman the chance to carry a feud completely on his own for a while while keeping Dean relevant. Then, Dean can get involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Title scene once more after his heel turn.

So, what do you think WWE has in store for Ambrose? Don’t agree with my options, or have a third in mind? Let me know in the comments!

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