Survivor Series a Chance for Finn Balor

Since his NXT debut in 2014, Finn Balor has become the franchise’s cornerstone in more ways than one. He’s a unique talent, combining impeccable technical skill with a seemingly effortless charisma. He is, according to Becky Lynch, “-the best wrestler in the world.” As current NXT champion, Balor has put on incredible matches with the likes of Kevin Owens and is set to defend his title again against newcomer Apollo Crews.

Balor’s arrival on the main roster is inevitable. He’s too good, too over with the WWE Universe, and as NXT Champion, he is virtually guaranteed a spot on the main roster. At this point, the only questions are when and how.

So, when?

Survivor Series.

In all honesty, I highly doubt we’ll see Finn Balor on the main roster until 2016. The WWE’s main event scene is pretty full right now, especially since Alberto Del Rio returned (sigh). And their midcard, well, has too much talent and not enough storyline effort. There’s also the fact that Finn Balor moving up the the main roster, while good for the roster, might not be best for Finn himself.

“What we’re doing at NXT right now is groundbreaking,” he said in an interview, “It’s revolutionary. For me, it’s like a Renaissance period in wrestling, and I want to be involved in NXT, I don’t want to go to the quote-unquote main roster, I don’t want to get called up, so to speak, because I believe that we at NXT are building something together that is going to be looked back on in 10 years the same way that we looked back on the ECW period as being revolutionary at that time, and this is something that I want to be involved in.”

That being said, Balor has almost reached the peak of what he can do at NXT. And since Survivor Series will almost certainly pit Team Wyatt against Team Undertaker, WWE has the opportunity to bring Finn Balor up right now, and in a huge way.


Team Undertaker needs at least two more members. One of those spots can go to someone like Cesaro, Ambrose, or even Neville. They could even, if he’s cleared, bring back Daniel Bryan, who has history with Kane. But the other should be reserved for someone whose personality is perfect for a team consisting of the Demon and the Dead Man.

Finn Balor joining Team Undertaker in a surprise debut would do wonders for their match. Sad as it may be, Undertaker and Kane’s best days are behind them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re obviously stellar performers, especially the Undertaker (anyone with eyes who witnessed the bloody carnage that was his match with Brock Lesnar will attest to that), but their team could do wonders to build up some of the young talent on the roster.

Balor has the athleticism and skill to generate some amazing spots. His finisher in itself is a showstopper. Combined with the legendary status the Brothers of Destruction carry, Balor’s debut at Survivor Series could be a game-changer.


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