Seth Rollins injured, out for 6-9 months

At last night’s WWE Live event in Dublin, Ireland, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins suffered a serious knee injury, putting him out of action for up to nine months and ending his reign as champion.

This is awful news, not only for Rollins but for WWE. Rollins was one of the cornerstones of the company and best in-ring workers. He delivered night after night, always entertaining audiences live and at home. As the company’s top heel, his segments and matches were a huge draw, especially for shows like RAW and SmackDown.

WWE will miss him sorely. As will I. In case it isn’t painfully obvious, I bought into Seth Rollins completely.

However, because imagining six months without Seth Rollins is too painful for me to try in this fragile state, I started imagining how to bring Rollins back once he is recovered.

While Rollins is gone, I can imagine The Authority “adopting” a new wrestler to latch their hopes and dreams to. If the WWE’s “tournament” idea is solidified and actually happens at Survivor Series, I would put Roman Reigns, who should be getting a full title shot regardless, and Dean Ambrose in the finals. Have them put on an incredible show, and right as one of them is about to win, have Sheamus cash in, taking the title with the help of the Authority.

Or, give Ambrose the title. I could live with that.

I’m not sure what the WWE has planned for the title through Wrestlemania. Perhaps Triple H could take it from Ambrose or Reigns at Wrestlemania. Perhaps Sheamus will hold it. Either way, the title should be in the hands out the Authority after Wrestlemania.

So, fast forward to early April through June. Wrestlemania has come and gone, a HEEL holds the title. We’ve arrived at Payback or Extreme Rules.

The Authority is gloating over their possession of the title. The audience is positively furious, and the heat is strong. Whoever the champion is, let’s say it’s Triple H or hell, maybe Brock Lesnar, is on top of the world after retaining against Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose.

Enter Seth Rollins, furious and hungry. The audience is sure to pop for him, because as heel-ish as he is, he is respected. He runs in and lays everyone out in the ring (but surprisingly doesn’t touch his former Shield brother) to end the show. The next night on RAW, he opens the show, declaring he is done working for the Authority.

“I gave them everything i had, and they left me out to ROT,” he snarls. “I’m taking MY title back, and i’m doing it alone.”

A face turn was inevitable before, but now, it seems like the best way to bring Rollins back.

So, what do you guys think? How would you bring Rollins back? Are you as gutted as I am over his injury! Let me know in the comments below!


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