In defense of a Charlotte heel turn

On Monday Night RAW, Divas Champion Charlotte faced Becky Lynch in what was supposed to be a friendly 1-on-1, non-title match. What ensued was a short yet fast-pasted bout that ended with Charlotte faking an injury and using her father as a distraction to steal a victory against her PCB teammate.

This is the best thing that has happened to Charlotte since winning the butterfly belt at Night of Champions.

Charlotte’s character has suffered greatly since leaving NXT. In the midst of the Divas Revolution, she was watered down to the point where she lost all depth, dimension, and color. She became a bland, boring babyface whose only redeeming quality was….what? Being a Flair?

Back on NXT, Charlotte played both a heel and a face who wasn’t afraid of playing dirty. Just look at her bouts against Bayley. She wasn’t the perennial babyface there. But you know what she was? Over.


Charlotte is an incredible athlete. She has put on positively brutal matches against her NXT peers and even Nikki Bella. But she can’t get over as a babyface when her only defining feature is her lineage. She’s privileged, from an elite wrestling family. It’s the same reason why Reigns has been having issues as an underdog. You can’t fake it.

So use it to your advantage.

Charlotte knows how to garner heat. She can work a crowd when given the right material. Let her be the heel she needs to be, and let Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks do their thing.

It’s the only way to save a withering Divas Revolution.



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