Who should enter the Royal Rumble?

I, like many, am still pretending the 2015 Royal Rumble was all in my head. Except, of course, for the amazing Triple Threat between Rollins, Cena, and Lesnar.

This year, the WWE has a lot to do leading up to the road to Wrestlemania. It has to deal with the absences of Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and possibly Cesaro. It has to build Roman Reigns into a credible champion. It has to breathe life into a creatively struggling Divas division.

But the situation isn’t nearly as hopeless as it seems. Creative has to just stop screwing up. The Royal Rumble is a chance for them to begin building their young roster.

So, without further ado, here are my picks for some surprise Royal Rumble entrants.

Daniel Bryan


Let me be very, very clear: if Daniel Bryan is not 100% healthy, he should absolutely NOT be wrestling. Neck injuries are scary stuff. And as much as I know Bryan wants to return to the square ring, if there’s any risk involved, he must stay on the sidelines. He has a wife, a future to think about.

That being said, if Daniel Bryan is healthy and ready for action, his entry into the Royal Rumble would light the audience on fire. Bryan has the following and exciting style that could revitalize a thinning main event scene.

Be warned, though: if he doesn’t win the Rumble, the audience will not stand for it. His following is unforgiving and brutal.

Baron Corbin


The Lone Wolf has all the makings for a fantastic entrant into the Royal Rumble: the fearless demeanor, the imposing build, and frankly, the damn man deserves it.

He’s an imposing monster with a devil-may-care attitude, an update on characters like Big Show and Kane. The way he carries himself, almost stalking into the ring, is perfect for the era of reality. Additionally, Corbin is built for battle royales. His size will make him eliminating established stars believable.

Sasha Banks


I know this probably will never happen.

But if the WWE were to ever book Sasha Banks into the main event of Wrestlemania by having her be, let’s say…the last entrant in the Royal Rumble, I would not say a single mean thing about Vince McMahon for at least a month.

Have Sahsa win the championship early on in the Royal Rumble, but don’t let her stop there. The BOSS wants everyone to know that she is the baddest wrestler in the WWE.

Sasha Banks has to ferocity to hold her own in a ring of men, as well as the popularity among fans to let her get away with it. Putting her in the main event would also squelch any complaints about a Roman Reigns main event and could even lead to a historic debut for none other than Bayley in a title for title match.

Like I said, this will never happen. But can you imagine if it did?

Finn Balor


Balor is next in line to debut on the main roster, despite his reluctance to do so. And with the WWE suffering from a severe shortage of main event talent, Balor would provide the star power they so desperately need.

Additionally, Balor provides a strong face, which is something the WWE is also lacking. Right now, almost every title is held by a heel, event he Divas Championship. Putting Balor in contention for a title while simultaneously pushing talent such as Ambrose and Neville could give the faces the momentum they need to bring ratings back where they should be.

Sami Zayn


I am only reluctant to put Zayn on this list because I have a feeling he will have a run at NXT through the road to Wrestlemania, at least, and debut on the RAW after Mania.

However, if the WWE wants to debut a strong face who is also certain to be over on the main roster, Zayn is the man. He is energetic, charismatic, and universally liked. He also has history with Kevin Owens that could put him in title contention from the start. Or he could take the US title, which he was already close to taking.

Did I miss anyone you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!



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