How the WWE can dig itself out of a booking nightmare

So. Survivor Series happened. And the League of Nations.

The WWE has dug itself a nice little booking hole. It’s been digging for months, but with many of its main-eventers and top workers injured, that hole has been revealed to be a massive whopping crater.

Ratings have been taking a nosedive with no end in sight. Pay-per-views have been consistently disappointing. Babyfaces are getting booed, and heels can’t seem to generate any real heat.

I am not going to pin this on the current main roster (although I will allow some to take some blame). The current roster is bursting with talent. Yes, this roster isn’t perfect: many are clumsy on the mic and several have limited talent in the ring. However, it’s not the talent that is making RAW stale lately. No, the blame rests very much on Creative.

As much as I try to root for him because of my Shield nostalgia, Roman Reigns is not ready to be a babyface champion. Don’t get me wrong; the man is clearly very talented and is a hard worker. But sometimes that isn’t enough. He’s still rather weak on the mic and is his in-ring ability is not enough to make up for that. But who else is there? Creative has made it tragically clear that Dean Ambrose is not getting a title run anytime soon, not as long as Seth Rollins is out and Reigns is in. Kevin Owens already has a title. John Cena and Cesaro are out.

So, when Sheamus, as good of a heel as he is, is just a placeholder champ, what else can Creative do?

Well. I have a few ideas.

Give Dean Ambrose the Intercontinental Title

Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens are two of the best remaining wrestlers on the main roster with excellent in-ring chemistry and very strong fanbases. They are literally money.

Now, when I say give Ambrose the title, I don’t mean right away. Give him the same treatment he got during his amazing feud with Seth Rollins, except at the Royal Rumble, Fastlane, or even Wrestlemania, he wins the Intercontinental title.

I’ve accepted he’ll probably be out of the World Heavyweight title picture through Wrestlemania, so why not turn this rivalry for the title into a full-blown feud? These two are more than able to shell out an amazing match at the biggest show in the world, and putting more focus on them would do wonders for  the WWE’s ailing product.

Having Ambrose win the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania would get a huge pop and finally put some real focus back on a man too often thrown out of title contention.

Sasha. Banks.

The WWE confounds me sometimes. They have, arguably, the most talented female wrestler in the world on their main roster, but for some reason, she is not involved in any substantial storylines and is not in contention for the Divas Championship.

No offense to Paige and Charlotte, who are both immensely talented athletes and entertainers, but how can anyone buy into their storyline when we all know who deserves title contention the most?

TLC will be in Sasha’s home town of Boston, Massachusetts this year. And though Sasha is not on the card (seriously, it’s ludicrous), this is her prime time to interfere and insert herself into the Divas Championship picture. The only issue is Becky Lynch, who absolutely should not get lost in the mix again. Perhaps Sasha can antagonize natural-born babyface Lynch as she challenges Charlotte for the title, leading to a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble, and then Banks winning the title at Wrestlemania.

The WWE has the tools it needs to revitalize its Divas Division. It just needs to use them.

Build new stars

This right here could solve basically all of the WWE’s problems.

With names such as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Neville, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Bayley, Asuka, and countless other talented midcarders at their disposal, the WWE could enter into a Renaissance rivaling the Attitude Era. It will never be the same, but maybe that’s the point.

This is a new generation of wrestlers, and a new generation of fans. The shows may be PG, but the audiences are not imbeciles. We can handle intelligent storytelling. We can handle pay-per-views without the likes of the Undertaker.

It’s always thrilling to see a legend or Hall of Famer, but the WWE can’t keep relying on them to pull in ratings. Just look at the injuries Sting and the Undertaker have suffered. It’s not fair to them to overstress their bodies, and it’s not fair to the current roster to be pushed aside while they are in their primes.

Audiences won’t buy into it right away. Building legends takes years. But we will never get there if we don’t at least TRY.

That’s all I’ve got for now. How do YOU think the WWE can fix itself? Comment below and tell me!


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