TLC 2015 Review: What’s next?!

I haven’t really written reviews on here before. Usually I include all the analytical stuff in my recaps, but I was so mentally drained after documenting that spot-fest that I just had to post my recap and get some sleep. So today before I recap RAW, here are my thoughts on what last night means going forward.

First off, let’s make one thing absolutely clear: last night’s show was enjoyable in spite of the booking, not because of it. Without the gimmick matches, we would have been left with empty stories, predictable finishes, and characters nobody really cares about.

For goodness sake, during the main event, fans were chanting for John Cena, Seth Rollins, and NXT. That has to tell you something: when fans can’t even care enough about the biggest match of the night title-wise to cheer about it.

So many mistakes were made going into this. First off, Boston native Sasha Banks, who put on a fun match against Becky Lynch in the preshow, was made to sing a stupid song before her match. I can understand not putting her in the title picture yet: they’re saving her for Wrestlemania, as they should.

Secondly, by giving us the same, predictable RAWs and SmackDowns in the buildup to this, I was able to guess the endings to all but two of the matches on this card. I’m not even that proud of it, it was THAT predictable. The only two swerves were Dean Ambrose winning the IC Title and Roman’s rampage.

As for the matches themselves, they were fun, for the most part. The chairs match and Rusev vs Ryback’s snoozefest were a bore to watch, but Del Rio looked back on game and Rusev got to use the Accolade. The opening ladder match stole the show, and nothing quite lived up to it. Remind me again why it took this long to push the Lucha Dragons?

I’m glad Charlotte’s heel turn is basically complete and that they seem to be setting up a title shot for Becky Lynch, but if Creative wants to give Charlotte any legitimacy, they’ll stop trying to copy and paste Ric Flair’s character onto her. I think there’s a difference between having her father’s dirty style and just being a carbon copy of him. Additionally, with Becky now set up for a feud, Paige needs a direction. Have her try taunting Sasha about even an undefeated streak not being enough to put her in the title picture and split up Team BAD. Either way, give her something to do.

I am absolutely thrilled about Dean Ambrose winning the Intercontinental title last night. I am a huge fan of his, and he is long overdue for a title run. The audience was clearly thrilled, and Ambrose cemented himself as the kind of babyface Creative desperately wanted his former Shield brother to be. Of course, Ambrose winning also leaves Kevin Owens, who has stepped up as a top heel in Rollins’ absence as the top heel in the company, without a title and clear direction. Creative must give him his rematch at the Royal Rumble (or sooner) and, if smart, set him up to possibly face Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

As for Sheamus, he will be dropping the title before Wrestlemania. To whom, I cannot be certain. I read a theory that Lesnar will take it from him in January, and I can get behind that.

Roman Reigns got over last night, becoming what he should’ve been this whole time: a man of violence, not tater tot jokes. If Creative is smart, they will put him on the warpath against Triple H. He won’t care about the title anymore, all he wants is retribution. Revenge. Justice. So tonight on RAW, he better not emerge with a smile and start joking about his rampage. In fact, he shouldn’t say a thing. Let his violence do the talking.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. What did you guys hink of TLC 2015? Let me know in the comments below!



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