Gabby’s 2016 WWE Wishlist

It’s been a rough year creatively for the WWE, which ironically has more talent than ever since the Attitude Era. They can’t seem to grasp how to move forward with the stars they have now, or how to connect with audiences the way they used to.

But despite all of this, we’ve seen a lot of good stuff this year, most of which is coming out of NXT. The true Divas Revolution. The rise of Finn Balor. And of course, on the main roster, we see wrestlers like the New Day, who turned a failing babyface gimmick into a thriving, fun heel one. Or Seth Rollins, who, despite awful booking, managed to put on some of the best matches of the year.

So, without further ado, here’s my 2016 wishlist for the WWE. Happy New Year, everyone!

  1. Bring Seth Rollins back as a babyface. Pretty please.
  2. Bring back the Hardcore title and Women’s title. The WWE has too much talent and too few relevant storylines. These titles could do a lot in strengthening the midcard.
  3. Stop completely scripting promos. I shouldn’t have to explain why this simply doesn’t work.
  4. Make every match at pay-per-views mean something. I know we can now pay $9.99 a month for them, but that doesn’t mean product qual
  5. Clearly define face and heel roles, especially in the Divas division. Part of what connects wrestling to fans so much is investment in the triumphs and toils of their heroes. With no clearly defined heroes and villains, audiences are left fragmented and confused.
  6. Push new talent over Kane and the Big Show. Better yet, get rid of The Authority altogether.
  7. Book Roman Reigns correctly. He’s not a chummy, smiling babyface and he never will be. He was over as a part of the Shield because he was a strong but silent deadly force. LET HIM BE THAT.

Have anything to add? Leave a comment below!


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