Royal Rumble 2016 Recap/Analysis

The road to Wrestlemania has begun, ladies and gentlemen. And what a beginning the Royal Rumble was. Aside from the finish of the Rumble itself, young talent stole the show every step of the way: from AJ Styles to Sami Zayn to Dean Ambrose to Sasha Banks…the future has never looked so bright. Dean Ambrose […]

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Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

The buildup to this year’s iconic pay-per-view event has been thrilling at best and inconsistent at worst. It’s hard to pin down exactly how I think this year’s Royal Rumble will go, because honestly? There is so much good stuff here. So much I cannot complain about. However, there is also a lot of questionable […]

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Why We Need John Cena

When RAW came to the Barclay’s Center for the last show of 2015, I heard something that I haven’t heard on WWE TV in a while… a huge pop and not that much heat for John Cena. Why? That’s simple. He was missed. In a wrestling world where we are constantly wanting pushes for the […]

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RAW Recap/Analysis – January 4, 2016

The countdown to the Royal Rumble has begun. With the kickoff to the Road to Wrestlemania fast approaching, this week’s RAW was important in further establishing feuds and hyping up the upcoming pay-per-view. Opening Segment Stephanie McMahon entered to kick off RAW, barely making it down the ramp before WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns’ […]

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