Gabby Books It: AJ Styles after Wrestlemania

AJ Styles and Wrestlemania in the same sentence. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? But it’s reality: a wonderful, wonderful reality that Styles will likely have a high-profile match at Wrestlemania 32.

At this point in time, Styles looks set to clash with Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania. Whether it’s a mere grudge match or a match with a title on the line, I cannot say, but this feud seems perfect for the Showcase of the Immortals. However, whatever Owens and Styles build together in the buildup to Wrestlemania will end at Wrestlemania, as it should. Wrestlemania is no stepping stone: it’s the be all, end all of rivalries.

That being said, AJ Styles isn’t just a part-time treat to be showcased at Wrestlemania. He is contracted for several years at the very least, so the WWE needs to have a direction for him following Wrestlemania. And, as it happens, I happen to fancy myself better than Creative at booking things with my experience as an online college student with a blog.

So, without further ado, here’s my first installment of Gabby Books It! Keep in mind that this isn’t what I think will happen, just what I think should happen.

Alright, we’ve arrived at the RAW after Mania. Triple H is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion still, and AJ Styles is fresh off a hard-won victory over Kevin Owens, who is now entering a feud with a debuting NXT Champion Sami Zayn. The Authority, confident as ever in Triple H, declares he will defend his championship at Extreme Rules against the winner of that night’s main event: AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar.

That night, Styles performs incredibly against a beaten-down Lesnar, who fought against all members of the Wyatts at Wrestlemania the day before. And he looks to be pulling off the impossible: defeating the Beast incarnate, when suddenly, everything stops, and music we haven’t heard in six months blares into the auditorium:

Seth Rollins.

Lesnar, still harboring a deep hatred for the man who stole his title the year before, prepares for another fight, and Styles takes advantage of the distraction, getting the victory.

The audience is still going nuts, searching for Rollins, but the Architect doesn’t appear. Styles goes to Extreme Rules, hellbent on winning the title. Roman Reigns is out of the picture, back at the bottom of the ladder and basically making the Authority’s lives a living hell. He’s given a match against Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules.

And then, at Extreme Rules, the League of Nations attacks Styles during his match against Triple H. Styles fights them off, getting a win via DQ, and Triple H orders the League to teach Styles a lesson. Suddenly, Rollins’ music hits again, only this time the man himself comes running out, clearing the League out. Triple H approaches Rollins, offering him his hand and pointing at Styles, and for a moment, Seth seems to take it. But then, he attacks Triple H, taking him down and turning to Styles.

They lock eyes, and Rollins attacks Styles.

“That is MY belt!” he roars. “MY opportunity!”

The two brawl into the audience, and the cameras fade to black.

The next night on RAW, Seth Rollins opens the show with a promo about how his time away had given him a lot of time to think. He realized he doesn’t need the Authority, or anyone, and that he’s going to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back. He calls out Triple H, but it’s Styles who answers the call. He tells Seth that a lot has changed since he’s been gone, and if Seth wants to get a shot at the title . . .

“You’ll have to go through me, because I’m not going anywhere.”

Thus begins a bitter feud as each man tries to prove who is more worthy. Have Rollins slam Styles for taking so long to come to the WWE, and Styles mock Rollins’ 26 months stuck in developmental. And then, at Payback, put the two in an Iron Man match.

The two battle it out, absolutely tearing each other apart, but in the end, Rollins comes out on top, just barely. Styles doesn’t need this win to remain credible, after all. He’s AJ freaking Styles. Rollins, however, is returning from an awfully booked reign.

(At Payback, Reigns takes back the title)

Next up? Money in the Bank.

Styles and Rollins continue to clash in a war of dominance, and it all culminates in two dominant performances at Money in the Bank. Rollins declares that he won with a cash-in once, and he’ll do it again. Styles just keeps piling on wins.

At Money in the Bank, Styles and Rollins are the last to remain in a brutal match featuring Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, and Neville. For a moment, it looks like Rollins is going to once again be Mr. Money in the Bank, but then, STyles hits the Styles Clash on him and captures the briefcase.

This frees Rollins, in a way, to face Roman Reigns for the title at SummerSlam, where he takes it, and Styles remains a constant thorn in his side (though he enters into other feuds in the meantime) until Wrestlemania 33.

Well, this is never going to happen. Triple H should probably not be champion for so long, and Reigns will likely be the WWE’s biggest focus going into 2016. Also, booking is never simple, and there are probably a lot of holes in this story. But a girl can dream, and this right here? This is it.

So, where would you like to see Styles going following Wrestlemania? Do you agree with my booking choices? How would you book it! Let me know in the comments!


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