Gabby Books It: Dean Ambrose into Mania and beyond

Hey there, folks! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to recap RAW this week because I am working crew for a show, but I’ll be back next week, no worries! So to tide all of you over, I thought I’d post an early Gabby Books It, this time about everyone’s favorite resident Lunatic Fringe.

Dean Ambrose has been one of the hottest acts in the entire WWE since the split of the Shield in the summer of 2014, and approaching two years later, the man himself has only been on the up and up. Booking wise, he’s had a very uneven run as a singles star. Yes, he’s had stellar feuds with the likes of Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens, but he’s also been stuck in nowhere plotlines and sidelined as Roman Reigns’ loyal sidekick.

So here goes: I have a plan for Dean Ambrose leading into Summerslam. I am 96% certain that he’s not going to be booked the way an Ambrose Asylum resident like myself dreams, but hey, that’s what this blog is for, right?

Well now, let’s set the stage, shall we? Post Fastlane, Dean Ambrose has lost his opportunity to face Triple H in Wrestlemania. That honor will instead be going to who else but Roman Reigns. Ambrose is frustrated. His alliance with Reigns is fractured and he feels like the WWE isn’t seeing him for the blockbuster star that he is.

On the RAW after Fastlane, Ambrose opens up the show, cutting a scathing, CM Punk-esque promo about how the odds are stacked against him.

“I’m not built like some Greek god. I’m not the kind of guy the WWE wants as the face of their company, the kind of guy they want to put at the top of the card. But I’ll be damned if I’m not the best WRESTLER they’ve got. I’ve proven time and time again that I can hang with the best of them: Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, even Brock Lesnar. But for some reason, I’m still here, at the top of the show, and only main eventing if I’m alongside Roman Reigns. Well let me tell you something: I ain’t no sidekick. I’m the Intercontinental Champion. I am a brawler. And I-”

He’s interrupted by the music of none other than Chris Jericho, fresh off a defeat by AJ Styles at Fastlane and a full heel turn when Kevin Owens interferes on his behalf. Jericho is having none of Ambrose’s complaints.

“Ever stop to think that you’re just not cut out for the big leagues?” he asks, sauntering down the ramp. “Maybe instead of blaming everyone else for your problems, you should look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you’re nothing but a second fiddle.”

Ambrose points out that he’s held the US Championship and Intercontinental title. “And I seem to recall you losing last night to a rookie, and losing the match for Roman and I at the Night of Champions.”

Jericho just laughs. “And YOU seem to forget that I am a nine-time Intercontinental Champion. And just so you know: I’m shooting for ten,” he says, pointing at the Wrestlemania logo.

The match is made. And that night on RAW, the Authority announces the main event: AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. The match is intensely physical, but Ambrose and Styles prove to be a winning combination, pinning Harper for the win. However, after the match, Owens and Jericho emerge and beat down the two babyfaces, standing tall as the lights fade to black.

That week on SmackDown, Roman Reigns is put in a match against Alberto Del Rio. He approaches Ambrose, asking if he’ll have his back. Ambrose has a match to prepare for against Rusev, but agrees. When he interferes on Reigns’ behalf, he ends up being beaten down, and is weak for his match.

Rusev looks to be picking up the win, but Ambrose isn’t left to dry. AJ Styles emerges, helping Ambrose back to his feet and to the victory.

The next week on RAW, Reigns is put in a handicap match against the New Day, and asks for Ambrose’s help, but Dean firmly refuses. “I really want to have your back, brother, but how I can protect yours when there’s a target on mine?” He points out that It was AJ Styles who made the save for him on SmackDown, not Reigns, and leaves his brother alone.

This is a vital step in the process of building Ambrose up properly. He can’t truly emerge as a star if he’s constantly being utilized as backup.

So, in the remaining weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Ambrose and Jericho continue to go after each other, meeting in tag matches and brawling out of the ring. Jericho consistently berates Ambrose, laughing at all of his PPV losses and demeaning his reign as IC Champ. Ambrose continues to operate as a lone wolf/underdog,refusing to let Jericho get to him.

And finally, we arrive at Wrestlemania.

The two battle it out in a very long, very exciting match that takes them outside the ring and back in again. Ambrose executes insane maneuvers, and Jericho nearly takes him to the Walls of Jericho several times. But in the end, it’s impossible to defeat AMbrose’s fighting spirit, and Ambrose goes over.

This feud will do wonders for Ambrose. Most of his feuds following the split of the Shield have been against young talent. He hasn’t been given the opportunity to really go over an established star and establish himself as a talent worthy of the main event. This will do that and more.

Beyond Wrestlemania, I hope to see Ambrose continue validating the Intercontinental Championship and be given the chance to put on the kind of thrilling matches he has been so far in 2016.

So, what do you guys think? Did I miss anything? Should i never write a promo again? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy tonight’s RAW, everyone. I’ll be back on schedule next week. I promise.





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