Titus O’Neil’s suspension shows McMahon is still prone to rash decisions

Going into last night’s SmackDown taping in Portland, Oregon, Titus O’Neil was in the midst of a pretty decent push despite suffering a loss to Adam Rose and the Social Outcasts on Monday Night RAW. However,t hat push looks to be coming to an abrupt halt, as O’Neil has been suspended following an awkward encounter with Vince McMahon after RAW that was witnessed by those tuning into the WWE Network.

Reportedly, when O’Neil showed up to Tuesday’s SmackDown taping, he was informed that he was suspended for the incident.

My response to this is: seriously?!

Look, I get it to an extent. Boundaries matter, especially when it comes to your boss. But a 90 day suspension? Why not just book him with a loss as punishment or, better yet, give him a warning and not damage the current story you’re trying to tell because you have the maturity of a twelve-year-old?

In what world does it make sense to suspend one of your top philanthropists/company ambassadors in the midst of a substantial push when your product’s ratings are tanking and you desperately need some good PR? Vince McMahon has been known to make some dumb decisions before, but this one is just plain puzzling in its stupidity.

Yes, the moment was awkward, but it’s not like O’Neil physically assaulted him. It was an ARM GRAB. He probably didn’t mean for it to be uncomfortable. He’s a freaking award-winning DAD, for crying out loud. What kind of message does this send to your roster? Does it really take a suspension to communicate that you don’t want to be touched?

Once again, Vince McMahon’s childlike hypersensitivity is going to harm the overall quality of his product heading into Wrestlemania season. This incident is yet another sad reminder of the kind of man calling the shots in the WWE today.


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