Dean Ambrose is the best option for WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Dean Ambrose is as electric of a ring performer as the WWE has right now. He is strong and wild in the ring, masterful on the mic, and has an unpredictable underdog quality that makes him impossible not to root for. He’s an unconventional, natural babyface who consistently gets massive pops and support from crowds no matter how he is booked. His feud with Seth Rollins last summer for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was enthralling to watch unfold and memorable because of the stellar matches. His similar program with Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental title was similar in calibre.

From what I can tell, he is the top babyface in the WWE, even more so than Roman Reigns, who is becoming as polarizing as John Cena in terms of fan reactions. He is always rooted for, especially when put up against the likes of Reigns.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not, in any way, hating on Roman Reigns. I respect him. I just don’t buy him as the face of the WWE. Not now.

Logic dictates that he should win the WWE’s top prize at Wrestlemania. Reality is hinting towards it. And though the WWE has been setting up Reigns battling Triple H for months, in my opinion, Dean Ambrose is the man who should be main eventing Wrestlemania. And no, I’m not just whining as a member of the IWC, I’m speaking as someone who has heard from both hardcore and casual fans that in this time of flux for the company, Ambrose has been their favorite and most consistent performer.

So why should it be him, and not Reigns, who emerges victorious from Fastlane without a heel turn? Several reasons.

First off, if the WWE expects Roman Reigns to have anyone in his corner besides a few loyal members of the “Roman Empire,” they’re idiots. Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar are the two most over singles stars on the roster. They will never be rooted against. Ever. If Roman Reigns goes over Ambrose as a clean babyface (because nobody will ever go over Lesnar clean) he will have nuclear heat.

And if you’re fine with Reigns going over as a heel, um, I suggest you reconsider. Heel vs. heel in Wrestlemania’s main event? No thank you. And if they keep him a face, then there is the very real possibility of the fans booing him at Wrestlemania. That is not something anyone wants.

So why not turn Roman Reigns heel? He has all the makings of a monster heel: the strong style in the ring and, clearly, the motivation. Think about it: he has been screwed over by the Authority time and time again. He has had the championship in his hands, but still has never been able to get the elusive support of the entire WWE Universe like Ambrose has. Imagine the frustration, the rage he would experience if Ambrose managed to take the surprise win at Fastlane.

But I digress, this is about Ambrose, not Reigns.

Another reason Ambrose should win at Fastlane? Plain and simple: it would be a surprise. The WWE is horrendously predictable nowadays. I can’t recall the last time I was honestly, wonderfully surprised in recent weeks.

Ambrose winning at Wrestlemania would be a generation-defining moment akin to Daniel Bryan’s miraculous victory at Wrestlemania 30. It would redefine the face of the WWE and catapult Dean Ambrose into superstardom in a way it could never for Reigns. Fans would be thrilled, both old and new.

Ambrose is the star for the “Reality Era.” He’s a fearless performer and consumate entertainer who has paid his dues time and time again. He has proven throughout his solo career that he can put on 5-star matches and hang with the best in the business, whether on the mic or in the ring.

Yes, the WWE has invested a lot in Reigns. The story for him against Triple H is there, set up. But it doesn’t ring true, folks. It feels hollow and forced, just like Reigns’ character right now. The only way Reigns can truly develop as a performer and Ambrose can break out is by having Reigns step aside for his more over brother, and let him bring the company back from the brink.

Ambrose has the storyline with Triple H too, remember. The two were the final men in the ring at the end of the Royal Rumble. He fought against the Authority for months on end while challenging Seth Rollins. As champion, he has potential feuds with a heel Reigns, Lesnar, Rollins, even Owens.

Dean Ambrose: WWE World Heavyweight Champion is what’s best for business. Creative just needs to open their eyes, see it, and take a risk. I have a feeling it would be more than worthwhile in the end.




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