Gabby Books It: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens

Following a stellar mini-feud with Chris Jericho that culminated in a victory at Fastlane, AJ Styles is now in a limbo of sorts heading into the Road to Wrestlemania. He’s been put into a fun tag team with Chris Jericho, humorously dubbed “Y2AJ.” But what’s in store for the Phenomenal One heading into Wrestlemania?

Well, I have a few ideas . . .

So, as it stands, Y2AJ have defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day, thus earning them the right to a title match. Now some might believe this is leading to a potential Wrestlemania match, but I have my doubts about this being the plan, especially for Styles. He’s too much of a talent to waste in a tag match.

However, a tag title opportunity could be the perfect chance to kickstart a new feud for Styles hinted at in the Royal Rumble.

So, let’s get to it.

AJ Styles and Chris Jericho demand to have their shot at the Tag Team Championship, and are granted it in the main event of Monday Night RAW. This is the sort of match that will draw viewers into the show’s struggling third hour. Throughout the show, show clips of AJ and Jericho preparing, talking strategy.

Oddly enough, we see little of Kevin Owens. Once again, he’s being left off television.

Shortly before the match, Renee Young interviews Styles, who says that no matter what the outcome of the match is, he’s humbled by all of the support the WWE Universe has given him. But, he adds with a sly grin, he knows what the outcome is going to be.

During the match, which is a fantastic showcase of both teams, Styles steals the show, as he always does. He tags in hot near the end of the match, however, and locks in the Calf Crusher on Big E, looking like he’s going to score a massive win. Then, out of nowhere, Kevin Owens emerges, spitting fury. He interferes in the match, attacking Styles before Big E can tap out. Jericho rushes to help his new partner, but Kingston and Woods pounce on him, overwhelming Y2J.

“YOU THINK YOU’RE SO GREAT, AJ?” Owens shouts as he pummels Styles. “You think you can steal MY spotlight? I’M the champion! You’re NOTHING.” Fade to black as Owens continues to beat a prone Styles.

That week on SmackDown, Jericho calls Owens to the Highlight Reel, where he announces Styles in in no shape to fight that week. Jericho is clearly angry at Owens for ruining his shot, and at hurting his newest bromantic bro,  and demands to know why Owens attacked Styles.

“It’s simple,” Owens says with no remorse. “He says he’s humble, but he keeps getting all of the promotion, all of the matches on RAW: he’s main eventing while I, the Intercontinental CHAMPION, am left out of the limelight.”

“You attacked AJ because of your damn DIVA COMPLEX?” Jericho demands.

“I attacked AJ because I wanted to. Because I could. And I don’t need to explain myself to a washed up has-been like you who is only leeching off of the WWE’s newest toy.”

Then, Styles comes out of nowhere, battered and bruised but thoroughly pissed off, which shows as he brutally attacks Owens. Jericho joins in the two beat Owens down. Owens, however, has enough fight in him to powerbomb Jericho, so that it’s just him and AJ in a standoff. They go at it, and security has to pull them apart.

That night, it’s announced that we will get AJ vs. Y2J again the next week on SmackDown, only this time for the chance to face Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania for the IC Title. The next week on RAW, Y2AJ are paired together once again against the League of Nations, but at the very end of the match, when the two faces come out victorious, Jericho attacks Styles, finally cementing a heel turn. Owens comes out and joins in on the fun, then turns on Jericho, attacking him as well.

Styles and Jericho put on another fantastic match, but in the end it’s Styles who comes out on top.

As Wrestlemania approaches, Owens and Styles continue to interfere in each other’s matches and brawl backstage and at ringside. Owens cuts scathing promos on Styles’ independent career, asking if everyone forgets that he is “just as accomplished.” Styles, likewise, says that nothing will stop him from getting his Wrestlemania moment.

“He attacked me. He took away my chance to hold gold for the first time in the WWE. He made it personal. So I’m gonna make it personal right back when I destroy him at Wrestlemania.”

Jericho, likewise, keeps himself in the picture, antagonizing Styles every step along the way. He also cozies himself up to the Authority, and the RAW before Wrestlemania, announces that he will be the guest referee for the match, much to both Styles’ and Owens’ dismay.

At Wrestlemania, Owens and Styles absolutely tear each other apart in a wrestling clinic that lasts over twenty minutes, dishing out all they have on each other. Jericho interferes several times in the match, antagonizing both Styles and Owens. Eventually, however, Styles’ swift offense proves too much for Owens, and at Wrestlemania, he captures his first WWE title.

This feud can be put to rest at the RAW after Wrestlemania, or it can be extended to last the entire spring and summer, culminating in a SummerSlam match. That’s the beauty of it: both wrestlers look strong, get ample exposure, and yeah, Jericho FINALLY turns heel.

Agree/disagree with my booking? Let me know in the comments below!

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