The Bilbs’ Conspiracy Theory: What if Taker Flips?

Just like many of you, I have read all the “what ifs” and the “theories” out there on the Internet about the Hell in a Cell match between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker. The debate is real: Would the Undertaker really lose to Shane? Surely Shane isn’t fighting! Cue John Cena!

I’ve read them all. However, there is a theory out there I haven’t read and so I’m going to throw it out there to fuel the fire…

With so much time until Wrestlemania, could the Undertaker possibly flip and join Shane’s side?

Think about it! It sets up so many things that the WWE Universe would like to see. Here is my scenario: It’s overtime on Monday Night Raw two weeks before Wrestlemania. Shane and Vince are verbally abusing each other in the ring. All of a sudden, the familiar “GONG” sounds and out comes the Undertaker. Vince starts grinning from ear to ear and directs Taker to attack Shane. The Undertaker, who we all know is not one to have orders barked at him, turns his attention to Vince and chokeslams him. Raw goes off the air with Shane and Undertaker shaking hands.

The following week on Raw leading up to Wrestlemania, Vince opens with his furious rant about how Shane and the Undertaker screwed him and how he will get his revenge at Wrestlemania by naming a new opponent for the Undertaker by the end of the evening. In order to punish the Undertaker, he will have to fight Braun Strowman (because Vince loves his big men) in the Raw main event.

During the last match on Raw, Undertaker is fighting Strowman when (surprise, surprise!) the Wyatt Family attacks Taker in the ring. To the delight of the crowd, we hear the music of the one, the only, JOHN CENA! Cena rushes to the ring to… attack the Undertaker! Bray Wyatt hits Taker with the Sister Abigail and then Cena picks him up and gives him an Attitude Adjustment. Vince comes out and tells the Undertaker to meet his new opponent at Wrestlemania, WWE Loyalist and the newest heel… John Cena!

Book it, Creative. You know you want to!


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