3 ways the Bullet Club can impact Payback

The Bullet Club has dominated New Japan Pro Wrestling since its formation by Prince Devitt (now Finn Balor) in 2013. It became a worldwide phenomenon, propelling its members into superstardom in the wrestling world. So much so that WWE came calling, and its founding members and Devitt’s successor as leader of the Bullet Club are now in WWE.

Finn Balor made his NXT debut in 2014 and is now the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history after defeating Kevin Owens in Japan in July 2015. AJ Styles made an explosive Royal Rumble debut and is the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. And Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows made a huge statement in their RAW debuts last week, decimating the Usos and then laying out Roman Reigns this week.

Their presence in WWE and the company’s acknowledgment of their history together brings up a lot of different questions about the upcoming main event at Payback of AJ Styles versus Roman Reigns. So, here are 3 ways WWE could possibly involve the Bullet Club at Payback.

The Bullet Club help AJ Styles win

If WWE is determined to portray Roman Reigns as a sympathetic babyface (and I doubt they are, given his recent promos), the easiest way to truly rally casual fans behind his cause is to have AJ Styles reform the Bullet Club and cheat his way to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This choice would almost certainly split audiences. The hardcore fans and many casual fans who have been endeared to Styles’ in-ring ability and earnest desire to perform at the top level will rally behind the ever-cool Bullet Club. Casual fans and children will root for the so-called underdog Reigns.

AJ has played a heel before. As beloved as they are, the Bullet Club is a heel faction, basically this generation’s NWO. I don’t doubt that he could pull it off. And as opposed I am to turning someone who is universally cheered heel while propping up a controversial champion on a pedestal, it would be really cool to potentially see this develop into a Shield/Bullet Club rivalry to last the summer.

AJ Styles drives the Bullet Club away

RAW hinted that AJ Styles had nothing to do with the attack on Reigns, with the veteran performer vehemently denying any involvement with his two friends on RAW and the boys themselves denying teaming up with Styles on SmackDown. So what if it really is as Styles claims, and he really is determined to win the title on his own?

This could turn out to be nothing, or it could be one of the biggest swerves of the year.

If AJ Styles continues to reject their help, his two friends can get angry, because why in the world would ANYONE reject their help? And when Styles finally, clearly tells them to stay away from his championship match at Payback, they agree, but it all seems too easy.

So at the match, just as AJ Styles is poised to win the title from Roman Reigns, Anderson and Gallows emerge from out of nowhere and lay him out, allowing Reigns to retain. This sets up a rampage through all of WWE for the dynamic duo and gives Styles a reason to stay int he main event scene for a rematch at Extreme Rules, then winning the MITB briefcase later in the summer.

Finn Balor calls the shots

This is my favorite theory, although it’s also the least likely to happen. What can I say, I’m a masochist.

Finn Balor has done everything there is to do at NXT. In many ways, he is everything NXT is supposed to be. He’s the top babyface there, perhaps only eclipsed by Bayley, and is the longest-reigning NXT Champion of all time. So, how can WWE best utilize him?

Turn him heel.

Anyone who has watched Balor’s work in Japan knows that he can work as a heel excellently. He has the mic skills needed to work crowds up, an entrance that works no matter what alignment he is and the swagger to be considered a legitimate threat.

At Payback, Styles is performing in the match of his life, locking Roman Reigns into the Calf Crusher, when the lights suddenly go dark. When they come back up, we see not just Anderson and Gallows in the ring, but Finn Balor. The three beat down both Reigns and Styles, and after Finn grabs a mic and tells Styles they tried giving him a chance, but he blew it.

Balor Club versus AJ Styles is a bit of a dream match. Styles came to New Japan the night Balor left, so we never got to see the two Bullet Club leaders square off in the ring. This is the kind of thrilling feuds that could draw some serious money for WWE if they market it as the dream match that it is. It could also draw attention to the NXT Championship the same way Kevin Owens did with it last summer.

How would you book the Bullet Club in WWE? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share and subscribe!


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