I accidentally helped Finn Balor troll Twitter

This isn’t news, and I’m not recapping anything. I just thought I’d share something hilarious that just happened today.

So yesterday, during RAW, I got an idea while watching the “Club” squabble. So, I took to Photoshop and mocked up an awful edit in about 30 seconds.

I doubted he’d see it, so I went to sleep soon after posting my RAW recap.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I wake up, and scroll down my timeline to see this:

My first thought: Damn, I should’ve watermarked it.

My second thought: WHAT THE FINN-

My third thought: Of all the things for him to get from me, why THAT? It’s probably one of the worst Photoshops I’ve ever done. That being said, I’m cackling at the fact that he’s using my lovely little edit to troll the internet.

Hopefully, sometime soon, I won’t have to resort to Photoshop to see these four sharing the ring.

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