Gabby Velasquez is an undergraduate journalism major at the University of Missouri. She was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up, she participated in countless theatre productions working various jobs ranging from actress to director. She worked for her high school’s newspaper, earning statewide recognition for her editorial work. Currently, she is a weekly columnist for MOVE Magazine, the University of Missouri’s campus arts & entertainment magazine, and is an active performer for MU Improv, Mizzou’s long-form improvisation group. She is also a featured writer on wrestling website Smark Out Moment.

Gabby has extensive experience analyzing and writing about various forms of storytelling, especially wrestling. She exercises these skills in various mediums, from gif-making and freewriting on Tumblr to working as a member of MU Improv’s marketing team. Her knowledge of social media usage has gained her a sizable following on various platforms of social media, most noticeably on Tumblr.

In the future, Gabby hopes to find a career writing for a news publication about the WWE or entertainment. For her, the sky is the limit and the journey is only just beginning.



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