Gabby Books It: The Return of Rollins

It’s happened, folks. After six agonizing months without the evil laugh or knowing smirk, SETH FREAKING ROLLINS IS FREAKING BACK! That’s right, you guys, our favorite trash king is back and is picking up right where he left off: feuding with Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

I was very excited about his return.

Fun fact: my very first RAW recap on this blog was of Seth’s final RAW episode before his injury. Back in October, I said:

“So, Roman and Seth fighting for the title? I definitely can dig it. Reigns has performed like a true star in his feud with Wyatt, and has won over the WWE Universe. My only beef? That Ambrose isn’t in the running. But who knows, there’s still time to fix that.”

Guess not much has changed, huh? Except for the fact that Roman’s popularity has plummeted. Poor, poor Roman.

Rollins’ much-anticipated return carried a lot of questions with it. We wondered if he would take advantage of the fans’ obvious good will towards him and turn face.


We wondered if he would go right into the main event scene.

YES. And thank goodness, too!

I’m a little disappointed that Seth seems to be falling back right into his old heel persona, but if booked right, I can see him slowly morphing into an anti-hero with an edge. A Stone Cold-esque hero who doesn’t care about what anyone else wants or expects. So, without further ado, here’s how I would make that dream a reality.

So, as Money in the Bank draws closer and closer, Seth Rollins grows more and more aggressive. Stephanie, to his utter bewilderment, books him in increasingly difficult matches against the likes of Kevin Owens, Karl Anderson and Chris Jericho. Rollins wins them all (Sami Zayn interferes, costing Owens his match). Finally, a frustrated Rollins approaches a sympathetic Shane McMahon.

Shane tells Seth that he can’t do anything to help him, and that he’s going to have to stand on his own two feet for the first time in his WWE career. Seth storms away, furious, presumably to throw a tantrum.

Cameras follow Rollins, and to everyone’s surprise, he runs right into a waiting Dean Ambrose. Rollins, tense, prepares for a fight, but Dean assures him he’s not looking for one…yet. In fact, he has some advice for his former Shield brother.

“The only person you can ever truly rely on is yourself,” Dean tells Seth. Seth scoffs.

“Yeah? Well, look where it got you, huh?” he fires back. Dean shrugs, unaffected.

“I’m still standing, aren’t I?” he asks, turning and walking away. The camera focuses in on Rollins, deep in thought and unsure.

The next week, Roman Reigns opens RAW, reminding the jeering crowd that he wasn’t the one who turned on his brothers for the sake of getting ahead. He wasn’t the one who hid behind the likes of The Authority and J & J Security. He says that Seth Rollins is a weasel who doesn’t have the courage or ability to fight his own battles.

Cue Rollins himself, who charges down the ramp, mic in hand. Furious, he tells Roman that he didn’t have The Authority OR J & J by his side when he pinned HIM to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. No, he did it all by himself.

“And at Money in the Bank,” he proclaims brashly, “I’m going to do it all over again. You might be the guy, Roman, but I am the MAN. I always have been, and I always will be. And you can believe that.”

Money in the Bank arrives, and Rollins looks poised to reclaim the title that he never lost. He puts on an instant classic with Reigns, a match which looks pretty even throughout. The two former brothers dish out everything they have, with Rollins returning to his more babyface-esque flying style.

At the match’s conclusion, Rollins hits a stunning Phoenix Splash on Reigns, following it with a Pedigree for good measure. The crowd goes absolutely mental as Rollins covers Reigns for the 1, 2-

Then, the lights go out. Seconds later, they come back on, and Triple H is standing there, in the center of the ring. Rollins looks frozen with shock, and Triple H takes advantage, immediately attacking the Architect. Reigns rises, dazed, and sees what’s happening. Triple H stops, and looks at him, and everyone wonders if he will help his helpless foe or join in on the carnage.

He joins in.

(I should note that Ambrose wins the Money in the Bank briefcase.)

Triple H opens RAW the next week, announcing that he plans on having the Authority control both RAW and SmackDown. WWE builds on the real-life tension between Shane and Triple H, with Triple H looking to exert total control over WWE television. Then, Seth Rollins storms the ring, attacking Triple H, flinging curses all the while. Even after, Roman Reigns emerges, pulling Seth off of Triple H, to everyone’s shock.

Later that night, Reigns cuts a promo, saying he would never support Triple H, but he won’t stand for Seth running rampant around RAW. He says that as long as he’s champion, people are going to do things the right way. His way. The crowd, of course, boos him to infinity, and Seth Rollins emerges.

Seth Rollins, mic in hand, slams Reigns for interfering in HIS business. He tells him to mind his own or suffer the consequences.

The WWE Draft rolls along, and Rollins is drafted to SmackDown. He is granted his rematch against Reigns at Battleground. In the buildup to Battleground, Triple H begins to interfere in Shane McMahon’s running of the blue brand. He exerts his authority (pun very much intended) over both RAW and SmackDown, booking matches without Shane’s consent.

However, curiously, whenever he books a match against Shane’s wishes, Seth Rollins appears to mix things up. He interferes in matches, goes on commentary, and causes general mayhem for Triple H’s favorites like Kevin Owens and the returning Randy Orton, who is serving as an enforcer of sorts for Triple H, having secretly reconciled while he was injured.

Rollins makes life such a  living hell for Triple H that he injects Randy Orton into Rollins’ Battleground rematch. Shane asks him to stop, saying he’s only making things worse, but Rollins doesn’t care. At this point, he’s just pissed and out for vengeance. Rogue Rollins is in full force.

Come Battleground, Reigns wins by pinning Orton, who costs Rollins the match when he breaks a pin from Seth hitting the Pedigree on Reigns. He refuses to give Seth another chance at his precious title.

On SmackDown, Rollins goes right after Triple H, decimating him backstage. Randy Orton comes to Triple H’s rescue, and the two begin to team up on Rollins, but in a shocking turn of events, the Lunatic Fringe himself, Dean Ambrose, comes to Rollins’ rescue. Rollins is wary of Ambrose’s intentions, but Ambrose merely tells Seth he owes him a favor.

The next week, an infuriated Triple H brings Rollins out to the ring and fires him, but Shane McMahon comes out. He tells Triple H that if he fires Rollins, he’s missing out on a golden opportunity. He then books a blockbuster match for SummerSlam: Triple H vs. Seth Rollins. The loser leaves SmackDown for good.

In the weeks leading up to SummerSlam, Rollins and Ambrose become uneasy allies, arguing constantly but watching each other’s backs nonetheless. Like the Shield of old, they become unstoppable together, teaming up to further both Rollins’ feud with Triple H and Ambrose’s feud with Randy Orton.

Triple H taunts Rollins throughout, telling him that without the Authority, without him, he’d be nothing. He tells Seth that he was always his second choice, and that he would always be one step behind Roman Reigns.

This finally comes to an explosive conclusion at SummerSlam. Rollins and Triple H take each other to hell and back, and Rollins finally works like he did in his babyface days, flying around the ring like a superhero. He beats Triple H with a whopping two finishers: first, the Pedigree, then a Phoenix Splash. The crowd goes wild, and Rollins revels in it, finally the babyface rogue he is meant to be.

This feud allows Rollins to step away from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship scene for a while and teases a Shield reunion just slightly. He doesn’t return to stake a claim for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship until the Royal Rumble, facing Reigns and reclaiming the title that he never lost at long last.

Reigns gets his rematch at Fastlane and Rollins comes out on top. However, Rollins only wins when Reigns’ fury finally drives him over the edge into a full heel turn, and he attacks Rollins with a steel chair. That night, Stephanie and Shane announce that the two will face each other one more time: at WrestleMania.

The next week on SmackDown, Ambrose opens the show, and tells Rollins that he still owes him a favor. He says that he wants to cash that in, and tells Seth that he will be cashing in his briefcase at WrestleMania, thus turning it into a Shield Triple Threat. The crowd, naturally goes nuts. Rollins comes out, entering the ring wordlessly, and merely holds out his hand. Ambrose shakes it. The match is on.

The conclusion of THAT bout…well. Let’s just say that Ambrose will FINALLY get his WrestleMania moment. Seth got 31, Reigns got 32, and Ambrose will get 33. This will allow Rollins and Ambrose to feud for the title over the summer, with Rollins finally taking it back at oh, SummerSlam?

This booking allows Seth Rollins to not only cement himself as one of the faces of WWE and capitalize on the crowd’s good will towards him, it also lets Roman Reigns have a long run on top of the company. That’s not ideal for me, but it’s realistic as I can get.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments and be sure to share this on Facebook and Twitter!



Gabby Books It: A Roman Reigns heel turn

In his triumphant first RAW as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns was not given the hero’s welcome WWE would want. In fact, thunderous, unforgiving boos and furious jeers were hurtled at the new top dog no matter what he said or did.

But interestingly enough, Roman didn’t even attempt to get on the crowd’s good side. In fact, his entire promo reeked of, well, arrogance.

Perhaps Creative simply accepted that Dallas would boo him even if he rescued a dying puppy. Perhaps they didn’t even intend for him to come of as cocky as he did. Or perhaps they are finally pulling the trigger on what could be a masterful and career-defining heel turn.

As of right now, Roman Reigns has the kind of heat most heels would kill for. Yes, some kids and fans still cheer him on, but hardcore fans and even some disinterested casual fans hate him. In all honesty, he’s not good on the mic, somewhat limited (but technically sound) in the ring in terms of acrobatics, and feels force-fed to a resistant audience. He’s failed to truly connect with fans, and he’s suffering for it.

I don’t blame him in the slightest. I like him. He’s a great dad and a good ambassador for the company. But WWE is, first and foremost, a wrestling company. And if Roman is going to get over, he needs to turn to the dark side. I seem to recall another Samoan star doing the same.

And I have a plan for how to do it.


First, let’s work on building his character. Right now, he’s a bland badass, throwing punches and defying authority but lacking anything to separate him from the pack. Kevin Owens throws punches just as hard. Dean Ambrose defies authority just as often. What defines Roman Reigns?

One word: arrogance. Infuse it into everything he does. Have him hold his belt high with a smug smile at every chance he gets. Let him sneer every time he utters his awful “Believe that” catchphrase. Turn his dull self-reliance into conceit. It’s not too much of a change, but it adds depth to a flat character, driving everything he does.

As for the turn? Well, every heel needs a beloved face to feast upon. And the WWE, it seems, already has one in mind: AJ Styles.


The internet darling has quickly earned the love of the entire WWE Universe with his unrivaled in-ring ability. He is everything babyface Reigns is not: naturally charismatic, a bit smaller than the average star, and a flying powerhouse. His ringset is at least twice as large as Reigns’.

Just imagine the fury that will be unleashed when Roman retains his title against a beloved star with worldwide fame.

Let me make one thing clear: AJ Styles will, in my mind, be WWE World Heavyweight Champion at least once. But will it happen right now? I doubt it. Reigns is their guy, and while they may change how they present him, they won’t change where he is, whether we like it or not. That being said, let’s book this bad boy.

On RAW, AJ Styles opens the show, mic in hand. He talks about his long and successful career all around the world, and the goals he set for himself. He says his final goal used to be getting a WrestleMania moment. But now, he has a new one. He wants to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He talks about how much the fan response to his success has meant, and says he wouldn’t be where he is without them.

Cue Roman Reigns, who enters to what will probably 70% boos and 30% cheers. For the first time, he openly acknowledges the fans’ disdain for him, and tells AJ Styles that he got where he is now not because of his fans, but because of himself. His fists got him his title, not the support of strangers. He says he isn’t letting his title go easily, whether the fans like it or not.

AJ Styles nods, and replies: “I believe that.”


That night, Renee Young asks Roman what he thinks about AJ Styles. Roman says that he respects him, but then says that he isn’t the one who lasted an entire Royal Rumble match right down to the final three. He isn’t the one who won his WrestleMania match.

“Last time I checked, I’ve also been the Tag Team Champion as well,” he adds. “Styles didn’t win at WrestleMania. Styles didn’t become Tag Team Champion. So while I may respect him, I’m not afraid of him.”

That week on SmackDown, AJ Styles takes on Kevin Owens in the main event (setting up tension for a future rivalry). Backstage, Sami tells him to kick his ass, and Styles agrees. The two chat amicably as they walk down a hallway, but then they pass Roman, who just snorts at the two and walks off, patting his title.

The next week on RAW, Dean Ambrose opens the show, calling Roman out to the ring. He asks Roman what’s gotten into him, saying he’s not the brother he knew. Dean mentions Seth, saying he’s seen this all before, and bluntly asks Roman if he’s working for the Authority. Roman just laughs.

“I don’t need the Authority to do what you couldn’t: take this company over.”

He leaves a stunned Ambrose in the middle of the ring.

Renee tracks Reigns down and asks him why he would say something like that to his best friend, to which Reigns replies that it isn’t personal, just cold hard facts. He says that he knows the fans like Ambrose more, and says that he can have the WWE Universe: he’ll take the championship over them any day of the week.


On SmackDown, AJ Styles teams up with Dean Ambrose to take on Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. Styles and Ambrose prove to be an excellent team against their two rivals, with Styles getting the pin on Jericho, hitting the Styles Clash after Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds. Kevin Owens was taken out of the picture by an ambush from Sami Zayn, because heck yeah this feud is going to get some nice airtime!

After the match, Ambrose gives Styles a mic, and Styles calls out Reigns, saying that he wants to make his championship match official, challenging him to defend his title at Payback. Reigns comes out, and looks at Ambrose, puzzled.

“You’re supporting this, bro?” he asks. Ambrose shrugs.

“Well, I figured you wouldn’t need anybody to take him out anyways, so why not?” Dean says flatly. Reigns accepts Styles’ challenge and Ambrose and Styles stand tall to close the night.

That week, Reigns is the guest on Michael Cole’s weekly interview segment. He repeats that he’s not a good guy or a bad guy, just THE guy. He says AJ Styles may have been the top wrestler around the world, but the WWE is HIS yard. He says he’s not afraid of AJ Styles or anyone else.

On RAW, Reigns cuts a promo on Styles, saying that his three months in the WWE is nothing compared to his three years. He criticizes the hardcore fans for hating him so much, saying that they should get lives of their own instead of demeaning his work (Reigns has actually said something similar to this already). He says that Styles may have worked for over a decade to get to where he is, but Reigns didn’t even need half the time to rise to the top.

Styles takes offense to this, running into the ring. The two stare each other down, and finally shake hands. All seems well as Styles leaves, but then Reigns spears him from behind to close out the show standing tall.

On SmackDown, Styles cuts a promo on Reigns, calling him an entitled brat and a coward. He points out stars like Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn, calling them the heroes Reigns never could be.

Reigns comes out and charges at him, but Styles is too quick on his feet, hitting him with the Phenomenal Forearm and locking in the Calf Crusher to close out the show.


You can bet that the Chicago crowd, a historically smart collection of fans, will be behind AJ Styles completely at Payback.

In the match, Styles puts on an incredible performance, nearly getting a pinfall many times. In the match, he is clearly the dominant performer and better wrestler, rallying Chicago behind him as he wears Roman Reigns down. But then, Roman does the unthinkable, pulling out a crowbar. When the ref is turned, he spears the official, but claims it was an accident.

While the ref is down, he brutally attacks Styles with the crowbar, beating him until he is nearly limp. When the ref rises again, he hits Styles with a Superman Punch and Spear, taking him down for the three-count.

The crowd is furious. This time, Roman basks in the boos, continuing to attack Styles until Ambrose, fresh off a victory over Chris Jericho, comes to his rescue. Reigns attacks him with a crowbar as well, and it looks like he’s going to literally kill them, until music we haven’t heard in months blasts through Chicago, and Seth Rollins emerges, finally taking Roman down and holding up the belt to end the night.


Styles will be a bonafide star, with the potential to continue feuding with Reigns or spark something with Rollins. AJ Styles and Seth Rollins can square off for the Money in the Bank briefcase, feuding through SummerSlam while Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have their long-awaited feud. Styles can cash in and hold the belt through the Royal Rumble, dropping it to Reigns who can defend it against Ambrose and Rollins at WrestleMania. And Reigns will be the most hated villain in WWE.

There you have it. WWE, I dare you to do better. 😉


Gabby Books It: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens

Following a stellar mini-feud with Chris Jericho that culminated in a victory at Fastlane, AJ Styles is now in a limbo of sorts heading into the Road to Wrestlemania. He’s been put into a fun tag team with Chris Jericho, humorously dubbed “Y2AJ.” But what’s in store for the Phenomenal One heading into Wrestlemania?

Well, I have a few ideas . . .

So, as it stands, Y2AJ have defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day, thus earning them the right to a title match. Now some might believe this is leading to a potential Wrestlemania match, but I have my doubts about this being the plan, especially for Styles. He’s too much of a talent to waste in a tag match.

However, a tag title opportunity could be the perfect chance to kickstart a new feud for Styles hinted at in the Royal Rumble.

So, let’s get to it.

AJ Styles and Chris Jericho demand to have their shot at the Tag Team Championship, and are granted it in the main event of Monday Night RAW. This is the sort of match that will draw viewers into the show’s struggling third hour. Throughout the show, show clips of AJ and Jericho preparing, talking strategy.

Oddly enough, we see little of Kevin Owens. Once again, he’s being left off television.

Shortly before the match, Renee Young interviews Styles, who says that no matter what the outcome of the match is, he’s humbled by all of the support the WWE Universe has given him. But, he adds with a sly grin, he knows what the outcome is going to be.

During the match, which is a fantastic showcase of both teams, Styles steals the show, as he always does. He tags in hot near the end of the match, however, and locks in the Calf Crusher on Big E, looking like he’s going to score a massive win. Then, out of nowhere, Kevin Owens emerges, spitting fury. He interferes in the match, attacking Styles before Big E can tap out. Jericho rushes to help his new partner, but Kingston and Woods pounce on him, overwhelming Y2J.

“YOU THINK YOU’RE SO GREAT, AJ?” Owens shouts as he pummels Styles. “You think you can steal MY spotlight? I’M the champion! You’re NOTHING.” Fade to black as Owens continues to beat a prone Styles.

That week on SmackDown, Jericho calls Owens to the Highlight Reel, where he announces Styles in in no shape to fight that week. Jericho is clearly angry at Owens for ruining his shot, and at hurting his newest bromantic bro,  and demands to know why Owens attacked Styles.

“It’s simple,” Owens says with no remorse. “He says he’s humble, but he keeps getting all of the promotion, all of the matches on RAW: he’s main eventing while I, the Intercontinental CHAMPION, am left out of the limelight.”

“You attacked AJ because of your damn DIVA COMPLEX?” Jericho demands.

“I attacked AJ because I wanted to. Because I could. And I don’t need to explain myself to a washed up has-been like you who is only leeching off of the WWE’s newest toy.”

Then, Styles comes out of nowhere, battered and bruised but thoroughly pissed off, which shows as he brutally attacks Owens. Jericho joins in the two beat Owens down. Owens, however, has enough fight in him to powerbomb Jericho, so that it’s just him and AJ in a standoff. They go at it, and security has to pull them apart.

That night, it’s announced that we will get AJ vs. Y2J again the next week on SmackDown, only this time for the chance to face Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania for the IC Title. The next week on RAW, Y2AJ are paired together once again against the League of Nations, but at the very end of the match, when the two faces come out victorious, Jericho attacks Styles, finally cementing a heel turn. Owens comes out and joins in on the fun, then turns on Jericho, attacking him as well.

Styles and Jericho put on another fantastic match, but in the end it’s Styles who comes out on top.

As Wrestlemania approaches, Owens and Styles continue to interfere in each other’s matches and brawl backstage and at ringside. Owens cuts scathing promos on Styles’ independent career, asking if everyone forgets that he is “just as accomplished.” Styles, likewise, says that nothing will stop him from getting his Wrestlemania moment.

“He attacked me. He took away my chance to hold gold for the first time in the WWE. He made it personal. So I’m gonna make it personal right back when I destroy him at Wrestlemania.”

Jericho, likewise, keeps himself in the picture, antagonizing Styles every step along the way. He also cozies himself up to the Authority, and the RAW before Wrestlemania, announces that he will be the guest referee for the match, much to both Styles’ and Owens’ dismay.

At Wrestlemania, Owens and Styles absolutely tear each other apart in a wrestling clinic that lasts over twenty minutes, dishing out all they have on each other. Jericho interferes several times in the match, antagonizing both Styles and Owens. Eventually, however, Styles’ swift offense proves too much for Owens, and at Wrestlemania, he captures his first WWE title.

This feud can be put to rest at the RAW after Wrestlemania, or it can be extended to last the entire spring and summer, culminating in a SummerSlam match. That’s the beauty of it: both wrestlers look strong, get ample exposure, and yeah, Jericho FINALLY turns heel.

Agree/disagree with my booking? Let me know in the comments below!

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Gabby Books It: Dean Ambrose into Mania and beyond

Hey there, folks! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to recap RAW this week because I am working crew for a show, but I’ll be back next week, no worries! So to tide all of you over, I thought I’d post an early Gabby Books It, this time about everyone’s favorite resident Lunatic Fringe.

Dean Ambrose has been one of the hottest acts in the entire WWE since the split of the Shield in the summer of 2014, and approaching two years later, the man himself has only been on the up and up. Booking wise, he’s had a very uneven run as a singles star. Yes, he’s had stellar feuds with the likes of Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens, but he’s also been stuck in nowhere plotlines and sidelined as Roman Reigns’ loyal sidekick.

So here goes: I have a plan for Dean Ambrose leading into Summerslam. I am 96% certain that he’s not going to be booked the way an Ambrose Asylum resident like myself dreams, but hey, that’s what this blog is for, right?

Well now, let’s set the stage, shall we? Post Fastlane, Dean Ambrose has lost his opportunity to face Triple H in Wrestlemania. That honor will instead be going to who else but Roman Reigns. Ambrose is frustrated. His alliance with Reigns is fractured and he feels like the WWE isn’t seeing him for the blockbuster star that he is.

On the RAW after Fastlane, Ambrose opens up the show, cutting a scathing, CM Punk-esque promo about how the odds are stacked against him.

“I’m not built like some Greek god. I’m not the kind of guy the WWE wants as the face of their company, the kind of guy they want to put at the top of the card. But I’ll be damned if I’m not the best WRESTLER they’ve got. I’ve proven time and time again that I can hang with the best of them: Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, even Brock Lesnar. But for some reason, I’m still here, at the top of the show, and only main eventing if I’m alongside Roman Reigns. Well let me tell you something: I ain’t no sidekick. I’m the Intercontinental Champion. I am a brawler. And I-”

He’s interrupted by the music of none other than Chris Jericho, fresh off a defeat by AJ Styles at Fastlane and a full heel turn when Kevin Owens interferes on his behalf. Jericho is having none of Ambrose’s complaints.

“Ever stop to think that you’re just not cut out for the big leagues?” he asks, sauntering down the ramp. “Maybe instead of blaming everyone else for your problems, you should look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you’re nothing but a second fiddle.”

Ambrose points out that he’s held the US Championship and Intercontinental title. “And I seem to recall you losing last night to a rookie, and losing the match for Roman and I at the Night of Champions.”

Jericho just laughs. “And YOU seem to forget that I am a nine-time Intercontinental Champion. And just so you know: I’m shooting for ten,” he says, pointing at the Wrestlemania logo.

The match is made. And that night on RAW, the Authority announces the main event: AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. The match is intensely physical, but Ambrose and Styles prove to be a winning combination, pinning Harper for the win. However, after the match, Owens and Jericho emerge and beat down the two babyfaces, standing tall as the lights fade to black.

That week on SmackDown, Roman Reigns is put in a match against Alberto Del Rio. He approaches Ambrose, asking if he’ll have his back. Ambrose has a match to prepare for against Rusev, but agrees. When he interferes on Reigns’ behalf, he ends up being beaten down, and is weak for his match.

Rusev looks to be picking up the win, but Ambrose isn’t left to dry. AJ Styles emerges, helping Ambrose back to his feet and to the victory.

The next week on RAW, Reigns is put in a handicap match against the New Day, and asks for Ambrose’s help, but Dean firmly refuses. “I really want to have your back, brother, but how I can protect yours when there’s a target on mine?” He points out that It was AJ Styles who made the save for him on SmackDown, not Reigns, and leaves his brother alone.

This is a vital step in the process of building Ambrose up properly. He can’t truly emerge as a star if he’s constantly being utilized as backup.

So, in the remaining weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Ambrose and Jericho continue to go after each other, meeting in tag matches and brawling out of the ring. Jericho consistently berates Ambrose, laughing at all of his PPV losses and demeaning his reign as IC Champ. Ambrose continues to operate as a lone wolf/underdog,refusing to let Jericho get to him.

And finally, we arrive at Wrestlemania.

The two battle it out in a very long, very exciting match that takes them outside the ring and back in again. Ambrose executes insane maneuvers, and Jericho nearly takes him to the Walls of Jericho several times. But in the end, it’s impossible to defeat AMbrose’s fighting spirit, and Ambrose goes over.

This feud will do wonders for Ambrose. Most of his feuds following the split of the Shield have been against young talent. He hasn’t been given the opportunity to really go over an established star and establish himself as a talent worthy of the main event. This will do that and more.

Beyond Wrestlemania, I hope to see Ambrose continue validating the Intercontinental Championship and be given the chance to put on the kind of thrilling matches he has been so far in 2016.

So, what do you guys think? Did I miss anything? Should i never write a promo again? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy tonight’s RAW, everyone. I’ll be back on schedule next week. I promise.




Gabby Books It: AJ Styles after Wrestlemania

AJ Styles and Wrestlemania in the same sentence. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? But it’s reality: a wonderful, wonderful reality that Styles will likely have a high-profile match at Wrestlemania 32.

At this point in time, Styles looks set to clash with Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania. Whether it’s a mere grudge match or a match with a title on the line, I cannot say, but this feud seems perfect for the Showcase of the Immortals. However, whatever Owens and Styles build together in the buildup to Wrestlemania will end at Wrestlemania, as it should. Wrestlemania is no stepping stone: it’s the be all, end all of rivalries.

That being said, AJ Styles isn’t just a part-time treat to be showcased at Wrestlemania. He is contracted for several years at the very least, so the WWE needs to have a direction for him following Wrestlemania. And, as it happens, I happen to fancy myself better than Creative at booking things with my experience as an online college student with a blog.

So, without further ado, here’s my first installment of Gabby Books It! Keep in mind that this isn’t what I think will happen, just what I think should happen.

Alright, we’ve arrived at the RAW after Mania. Triple H is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion still, and AJ Styles is fresh off a hard-won victory over Kevin Owens, who is now entering a feud with a debuting NXT Champion Sami Zayn. The Authority, confident as ever in Triple H, declares he will defend his championship at Extreme Rules against the winner of that night’s main event: AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar.

That night, Styles performs incredibly against a beaten-down Lesnar, who fought against all members of the Wyatts at Wrestlemania the day before. And he looks to be pulling off the impossible: defeating the Beast incarnate, when suddenly, everything stops, and music we haven’t heard in six months blares into the auditorium:

Seth Rollins.

Lesnar, still harboring a deep hatred for the man who stole his title the year before, prepares for another fight, and Styles takes advantage of the distraction, getting the victory.

The audience is still going nuts, searching for Rollins, but the Architect doesn’t appear. Styles goes to Extreme Rules, hellbent on winning the title. Roman Reigns is out of the picture, back at the bottom of the ladder and basically making the Authority’s lives a living hell. He’s given a match against Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules.

And then, at Extreme Rules, the League of Nations attacks Styles during his match against Triple H. Styles fights them off, getting a win via DQ, and Triple H orders the League to teach Styles a lesson. Suddenly, Rollins’ music hits again, only this time the man himself comes running out, clearing the League out. Triple H approaches Rollins, offering him his hand and pointing at Styles, and for a moment, Seth seems to take it. But then, he attacks Triple H, taking him down and turning to Styles.

They lock eyes, and Rollins attacks Styles.

“That is MY belt!” he roars. “MY opportunity!”

The two brawl into the audience, and the cameras fade to black.

The next night on RAW, Seth Rollins opens the show with a promo about how his time away had given him a lot of time to think. He realized he doesn’t need the Authority, or anyone, and that he’s going to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back. He calls out Triple H, but it’s Styles who answers the call. He tells Seth that a lot has changed since he’s been gone, and if Seth wants to get a shot at the title . . .

“You’ll have to go through me, because I’m not going anywhere.”

Thus begins a bitter feud as each man tries to prove who is more worthy. Have Rollins slam Styles for taking so long to come to the WWE, and Styles mock Rollins’ 26 months stuck in developmental. And then, at Payback, put the two in an Iron Man match.

The two battle it out, absolutely tearing each other apart, but in the end, Rollins comes out on top, just barely. Styles doesn’t need this win to remain credible, after all. He’s AJ freaking Styles. Rollins, however, is returning from an awfully booked reign.

(At Payback, Reigns takes back the title)

Next up? Money in the Bank.

Styles and Rollins continue to clash in a war of dominance, and it all culminates in two dominant performances at Money in the Bank. Rollins declares that he won with a cash-in once, and he’ll do it again. Styles just keeps piling on wins.

At Money in the Bank, Styles and Rollins are the last to remain in a brutal match featuring Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, and Neville. For a moment, it looks like Rollins is going to once again be Mr. Money in the Bank, but then, STyles hits the Styles Clash on him and captures the briefcase.

This frees Rollins, in a way, to face Roman Reigns for the title at SummerSlam, where he takes it, and Styles remains a constant thorn in his side (though he enters into other feuds in the meantime) until Wrestlemania 33.

Well, this is never going to happen. Triple H should probably not be champion for so long, and Reigns will likely be the WWE’s biggest focus going into 2016. Also, booking is never simple, and there are probably a lot of holes in this story. But a girl can dream, and this right here? This is it.

So, where would you like to see Styles going following Wrestlemania? Do you agree with my booking choices? How would you book it! Let me know in the comments!